Aranacak Kelime

Our Quality Policy

Age appropriate education and vocational training based on the philosophy of teaching methods and techniques and continuous improvement risk-based mindset with sureclendiren within the spirit of the team in question the applications of modern physical and technical equipment and advanced workshops to manage the risks to achieving those goals defined and continuous with able that can cure our institution goals;

a) Atatürk’s principles and reforms,linked to

b) that could benefit society and the country,

c) recognize and apply the developing technology.

d) professional discipline Oriental, with business and work ethics

e) Life perspective, innovative and high value-added processes capable of designing,

f) able to communicate effectively and accurately,

g) The social, sporting and combines artistic skills with technical training

h) sensitive to the environment and nature,

i) giving importance to social and moral values,

j) at least one foreign language,literature review can use it as a communication tool

Gaziantep organized Industrial Zone businesses in the areas of K it needs to train technical staff

Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone Anatolian vocational and technical high school special quality of the policy.